August “Where the sun beats…”

As elsewhere, August is something of a quiet month, but there are still a couple of interesting new items on the TS Eliot Society website.

The London Review of Books has finally published Professor Mark Ford’s review of the critical edition of The Poems. Incorporating some of the initial observations he made during his Annual TS Eliot Lecture in Cambridge last year, it is a long, insightful and fascinating essay – details and a link are on our News page.

The same issue of the LRB runs a brief piece by Mary-Kay Wilmers, remembering working in Eliot’s office at Faber & Faber. You’ll find some intriguing memories of the man, again linked from our News page.

Under Events, there is a lecture later this month in London on Eliot’s “lifelong interest in Eastern mysticism and also in Western esoteric traditions, and the power of myth”.

And some of you may have noticed the new page below the Members Area on our website for Exchanges, our quarterly publication for Society members.

Exchanges is very much a forum for Members to exchange ideas about Eliot, and to share their own perceptions as readers of his work. Exchanges also includes brief articles related to Eliot which can be lighter and less formally academic. It’s an opportunity for Members to maintain an interesting and ongoing conversation about Eliot.

Do please visit the page, where we have made it as easy as possible for you to contribute to the publication yourself. There is just time, if you’re quick, to submit material for the next issue.

Fare forward!

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