Letters by TS Eliot

TS Eliot’s complete correspondence is in the process of publication, with six volumes covering the years up to 1933 published to date. The volumes can be seen here.

Letters omitted from the published volumes can be read online here.

Letters and book reports by TS Eliot can be seen in the Faber archive.

TS Eliot’s London Letters to The Dial (In 1921 and 1922 T.S. Eliot was the London correspondent to The Dial magazine published in New York.  In all, The Dial published eight letters written by Eliot about the cultural scene in England.)

reproduction of a 1924 letter from Eliot to Virginia Woolf

A recently resurfaced letter from Eliot at Faber in 1957, unusually signed ‘Tom Eliot’

An article in Intelligent Life explores the “unexpected alliance” between TS Eliot and Groucho Marx, and the correspondence between them – and a New Yorker article explores their relationship further. (See also our Events page, June 2014, for a BBC radio programme relating to Marx and Eliot.)

An entertaining spoof of Eliot’s correspondence by John Crace

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